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DEBO24 -p Crystal Flat Grinding Machine: This machine adopts PLC control, one-click operation mode. Ordinary workers can easily get started. Main drive applies servo motor drive system, promoting the active step belt and side pressure synchronous belt for stable synchronization. Side pressure integral opening and closing adopts synchronous opening and closing, with high accuracy. With the whole smooth grinding belt movement mode, the larger surface effect is better.Overall lifting stroke of swing beam reaches 220. It is very convenient to replace grinding wheel and adjust the water. As a whole stainless steel water tank, the front and back can be quickly transparent water retaining. Maintenance is simple and reliable. The machine adopts four diamond wheels, 12 tree wheels, eight wool wheels. The plane width within 150 can be polished at one time. The processing effect is good (The processing finish is close to the matrix surface finish). The plane processing range is wide.


Technical Parameters
External SizeLong8.5m * Wide 1.6m * Height 2.45m
Grinding thickness5mm-180mm
Grinding speed0.5-5m/min
Total power80KW
Total weight13200kg
Lower limitWide:40*Height:45mm


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