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after/after-sale/post-sale service

1, Dibo machinery has experienced glass (stone) grinding machinery, installation and debugging training of professional technical engineers. Professional technical engineers will be on site for you to install and debug, and the operators of equipment operation, use, maintenance training.

2, as long as you need, we will provide technical support.

3, 24 hours telephone remote service, to ensure that you solve the problem in a short time.

Service tenet: high customer interest. For each customer personal consideration, the production of each equipment seriously responsible.

Our unremitting pursuit: for customers to reduce labor, reduce labor intensity and cost, improve product quality, improve production capacity.

We thank our customers and society for their support and love. Dibo trade will continue to improve the production system in the future development, strict quality control. With the right attitude, excellent product quality, perfect after-sales service to do better!

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