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This machine’s fore and back beams adopt high steel box construction. The right of beams is round rail. The two sides’ rail of beams and round –end rail all inlaying quenched hard steel guide, more than ten times as the use period of normal one. The machine uses chainless ball bearing transmission, turning sliding touch into rolling touch of the bearing and rail, reducing pulling force and making transmission steadily. The different frequency-changing speed of main transmission is decreased by gear and worm gear, bigger range of adjusting speed, easy to operate and reliable. This machine adopts PLC control, Touch Screen display processed thickness, working speed and processed meters, reliable control, adjust conveniently. In addition, it has good protection system, reasonable lubricating system and perfect appearance.

It is applicable to process 3~50mm glass straight-line. Rough/fine grinding and polishing can be finished in one single passage. The surface of processed glass can reach the degree of normal mirror, and has high precision straight line. It can meet high precision and highly polished requirements’ glass straight-line edging processing.

Wheels placement

Main technical data:
Max.Glass size2500×3600mm
Min.Glass size30×30mm
Glass thickness3-50mm
Transmission speed0.5-7m/min
Max.hemline grinding5mm
Arris grinding range0.5-5mm
Land occupation7200×1000×2500mm
glass diagonal error≤0.5mm/m
glass parallelism error≤0.3mm/m

Details with photos
image003-160.jpgHeavy basement about 1600KGS, 360mm thickness, keeps the machine more stable while processing the heavy and overload size glass. 
image004-160.jpgThe guide bar is made of 40Cr steel, with high hardness, good wear resistance and long service life. The thickness of the support seat of the guide bar reaches 25mm for the support strength is higher and more stable. The front and rear beam are made of 35mm steel plate with two annealing treatments eliminate internal stress, ensure no deformation, and better overall stability.
image005-160.jpgAdopt two big 110 RV Gear reducer to make the machine run more stable with bigger power, and durable. 
image007-160.jpgAdopt the frequency inverter motor and Hard-tooth reducer to ensure keeps the machine more stable while processing the heavy and overload size glass. The motor is 410mm length, 260mm width. 
image008-160.jpgAll Spindle use Original ABB motor, durable and reliable for use. All motor is the same type 2.2KW, it’s better for future service and the customer prestored the motor.
image009-160.jpgAdopt special bearing base and install taper adjusting bearing, it will be more durable and reliable for use. High transmission accuracy. 
image010-160.jpgThe link shaft and the link buckle are made of 40 CR material, with strong rigidity and no deformation. The cross positioning of guide bearing and load bearing to ensures high accuracy and stable transmission. And the link shaft is processed with the guide oil groove to make the lubrication in place.
image013-160.jpgBetter lubricating system, there is two big oil tanks onto the front&back beam, it will stock the oil and distribute the oil to the bearing of pads with the pipe, the oil pipe would be touch to the bearing ensure lubricate to each bearing, which have long service life and durable.

Adopt the Schneider electric with neat line layout which make the machine more safety and running smoothly.

Adopt SIEMENS PLC and SIEMENS touch screen to show glass thickness, speed and more information which is easy for operation.

image018-160.jpgAdopt the high-quality timing belt with 2PU to convey the glass, which has longer service life and more accurate.
image019-160.jpgIt has the safety system in the entry&exit end, when the hand touches this steel plate, it will automatically close and then the machine will be stop running, we call this is Anti-hand clamping device.
image020-160.jpgvertical adjustment and LED display for glass removal system, for this reason it is not necessary to adjust the position of wheels, acting instead on the handwheel placed beneath the conveyor.

loading/unloading table, on top of the gearbox at the exit, so that the water won’t be directly to the floor and to the machine.

image023-160.jpgAdopt perfect waterproof system with 02 layers brushes onto the water tank.
image024-160.jpgAdopt perfect Interactive waterproof system with 03 layers brushes to protect the bearing far from water and not moisture, easy to disassemble and replace.
image025-160.jpgAdopt of quality stainless steel water tank which is corrosion resistant and more durable.
image026-160.jpgWith PVC drainage pipe, which has long life, smooth drainage, easy maintenance and better looking.

Mini-washer is equipped on the front & back beam to keep the tracks (rubber pads) clean to avoid incrustations and facilitate glass cleaning at the end of processing.

image029.jpgIn order to facilitate the maintenance of the track sliding guide, an automatic centralized lubricating device fitted. Timely lubricating.

The configuration brand of Major parts and the feature

(Some configuration brands may be replaced due to products improvement without notify and Debo will have the right of final explanation.)

Electric Parts:
AC contactorSchneider Electric
2Overload relaySchneider Electric
3TransformerSchneider Electric
4Circuit breakerSchneider Electric
5Ammeter/VoltmeterAOYI electric
6Button/lightShanghai Electric
7Spindle motorABB
9Touch screenSIMENSE


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