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Glass cleaning machine, as the name suggests, is a specialized machine for glass cleaning. So, for different types of glass, the performance they possess varies. So, what characteristics do glass cleaning machines need to have in order to meet the requirements of "Volkswagen" glass cleaning?

Feature 1- Temperature adjustable

For precision instruments, almost every melting point and vulnerability point is different, so professional glass cleaning machines should have temperature adjustable functions. In general, its temperature controller can adjust the blowing temperature, and the adjustable range of this blowing temperature is generally from 0 to 90 °, for consumers to choose freely.

Feature 2- Adjustable speed

For the cleaning of glass instruments, speed adjustment function should be provided to meet the needs of consumers and the cleaning requirements of glass products. Professional glass cleaning machines generally use a five stage transmission control system for easy adjustment of the transmission part, allowing users to freely adjust the cleaning speed;

Feature 3- Excellent durability

For glass cleaning machines, consumers hope that the longer the time, the better, and durability is also a test of their use. Therefore, the conveying rods, brush rods, and sponge rods used in professional glass cleaning machines must be made of high-temperature and acid alkali resistant materials to ensure their durability.

Feature 4- Low noise emitted

In the process of cleaning glass instruments, professional glass cleaning machines generally use centrifugal fans, mainly because they have the characteristics of low volume and large air volume, and will not bring too much noise to users. In addition, it should also have a high-temperature drying system, mainly because the surface temperature of the glass after cleaning is around 30-50 ° C.

Feature 5- Large cleaning area

For glass cleaning machines, they need to be able to clean both delicate glass products and carry out large-scale cleaning work in order to be favored by consumers. A professional glass cleaning machine has a large processing area and can clean glass with circulating water in one go, making it one of the first choices for consumers.

The above are the five important features that a professional glass cleaning machine should possess, and for consumers, these five key points are indispensable. In addition, it should be noted that a certain understanding of the manufacturer is also necessary during the selection process, as glass cleaning machines have high manufacturing requirements and are also the most concerning point for consumers. Therefore, an excellent manufacturer is an effective guarantee for their products.

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