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During the operation of glass machinery equipment, its internal components must withstand various effects such as force, heat, friction, and wear. With the increase of usage time, its operating state constantly changes, and some performance will gradually deteriorate, leading to the failure of parts (components).

This is the main cause of failures in glass machinery equipment. Therefore, studying the failure mechanism of components and identifying failure modes is the main task of ensuring diagnosis, laying the information foundation for fault diagnosis, and ultimately achieving the goal of reducing the life cycle cost of the equipment; Fault analysis (failure analysis) is the main component of diagnostic theory.

General faults refer to the phenomenon of glass machinery equipment losing or reducing its specified function. The glass machinery equipment of enterprises is equipped to meet the production process requirements or to complete the expected functions of engineering projects. The functions of glass machinery equipment reflect its value in production activities and the degree of guarantee for production. The failure of glass machinery equipment can seriously affect the quantity and quality of enterprise products, so it is necessary to explore the rules of failure occurrence; Manage and record faults; Analyze the fault mechanism and take effective measures to control the occurrence of the fault.

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