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  Date 2015-5-28  

Nowadays, more and more enterprises need to purchase sandblasting machines for production, and the application of sandblasting machines in the industry is becoming more and more widespread. Unlike ordinary equipment, improper use of sandblasting machines is extremely prone to personal injury. So enterprises should consider various factors and find reasonable solutions. We will cover some basic usage requirements:

When enterprises use sandblasting and shot peening to remove oxide scale, rust, oil, salt, and other dirt on workpieces, some dust will be generated, causing air pollution. Therefore, the sandblasting machine should be located in a separate house. Cleaning in an open house is not allowed. Especially during sandblasting cleaning, this section should be equipped with powerful intake and exhaust ventilation (15-20 air changes per hour).

In addition to the need to establish a general ventilation system to improve labor conditions, sandblasting cleaning equipment should be mechanized and carefully sealed as much as possible to reduce dust inside the house.

During operation, it is not allowed to exceed the allowable pressure of the sandblasting machine (usually within 6 atmospheres). The working pressure is determined by the boiler inspection agency and shown in the certificate of each machine.

When working near the sandblasting machine, one should wear work clothes made of dense cloth and a special hat with air (with three layers of laminated glass).

The operators of sandblasting machines should receive specialized safety technical education, but some jobs are allowed to be done after passing the technical knowledge test. Workers should be aware of the safety measures to avoid sand flow strikes when moving and placing workpieces on machines with pressure exceeding atmospheric pressure, as well as the safety measures to avoid electric current strikes when working near the movement and transmission mechanism.

Sealing sandblasting machine for rust removal

The following knowledge is a mandatory course for you regarding the rust removal of sealed sandblasting machines.

The sealed sandblasting machine is to try to prevent the dust and scattered sand particles generated during the operation of the sandblasting machine from flying and scattering everywhere. The sandblasting machine is operated in a closed room and the dust generated during the operation is removed by an exhaust fan. This room is called the sandblasting room. When sandblasting, we only circulate dust and sand flow within a fixed system, and sand particles are transported and collected using mechanical methods instead of manual handling.

The sandblasting machine can adopt isolation operation or use mechanical methods instead of manual sandblasting. This avoids and reduces the harm of dust to human health, improves working conditions, and ensures the hygiene of the surrounding environment. At the same time, it improves production efficiency, reduces the labor intensity of operators, and ensures the quality of rust removal. So this process is increasingly being valued and developed, and many factories have adopted or partially adopted sandblasting rooms.

In the past, there were still some problems with the operation process of this sealed sandblasting machine, which many enterprises have not yet solved. How to fully achieve isolation and mechanized operation, such as the setting method of the spray gun, as well as the way the workpiece rotates and moves, needs further improvement. Especially for the rust removal problem of sealed (non open) equipment, other advanced methods must also be considered, To completely free operators from adverse working environments and use mechanical equipment instead of manual labor.

The rust removal process of sealed sandblasting machine mainly includes three systems, namely the collection of sand particles

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